Engineering Works Trade Fair

What is Engineering Works?

Machines and Equipment for Competitive Industry

The Engineering Works Trade Fair will showcase machines and equipment including machine tools, plate machines, welding and joining, tools, automation and robotics, maintenance and industrial services for the decision-makers of metal industry at once.


Top level managers and Entrepreneurs

Large investments always involve the top management of a company, discussions with other investors help to make the right decisions. The event provides busy entrepreneurs with versatile machine and equipment selection under one roof.


Development of production requires constant updating of machines and equipment – when attending the fair you will be up to date on new developments


As requirements increase employees will define productivity – they are the best in estimating with what equipment a true increase in productivity is made.

Engineering Works + Nordic Welding Expo = Match Made in Tampere

The most interesting new metal industry event, the Engineering Works Trade Fair, together with the international Nordic Welding Expo will focus on robotics, industrial digitalization and 3D printing of metals with the guidance of specialists. The event will showcase machines and equipment as well as look at the future outlook for the industries.

Nordic Welding Expo